Membership to AFN provides unique and creative solutions to improve communications, increase productivity and explore different ways of approaching common business goals. Our goal is creating a new community of dynamic, strong and result-oriented freight forwarders.

AFN has, without question, the best “loyalty factor” of any of the freight forwarding networks available today. Some of the memberships benefits AFN members enjoy include:

What's in it for me?

Partnership with CargoWise One

CargoWise One is a deeply-integrated global software solution that enables members to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, countries, languages and currencies.This powerhouse solution allows members to better address the complexities of the logistics industry while dramatically increasing productivity, reducing costs and mitigating risks via a global integrated software platform.
CargoWise One customers are the ‘people who move the world’, and operate in areas across the entire logistics supply chain including freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land transport, e-commerce, and cross border compliance.CargoWise One is AFN’s Exclusive Technology Partner, entitling members to a range of discounts and benefits on the world-leading software platform. To find out more about CargoWise One, contact AFN management or visit
Starting from 2020, AFN has became the first freight network worldwide to sign an agreement with Amazon SPN
This gives AFN members in 25 countries a strong advantage to increase their business volume through Amazon SPN (Amazon Service Provider Network) for cargo only (Air, FCL & LCL … etc.). All Amazon SPN operations are handled through AFN customer service.
CCT Platform
CCT Platform is an Efficient, trustful and unique new digital platform that connect forwarders together to work on common shipments easily. Connected Forwarders will have professional structured shipments data, will practice fluent shipment management flow and have one common dashboard view with his agent on the connected shipments.
The Platform can be used as an operational system for forwarders as well.

  • No need for multiple communication tools as there is smart chatbot on the shipment record.
  • No need for multiple communication tools to get status update. Both Forwarders will update shipment status for each other from the application and this helps you evaluate shipments flow and history with agents.
  • Platform decreases your costs and help you take right decisions using the advanced statistical graphs.
  • Platform will provide Free calling Services and International calls to any landlines or mobiles.
  • Automatic invitation for agents to work with you on the platform.
  • Benefit from Very smart and advanced Customer Services. Chat with customer, online payments and provide dashboard for all his shipments.
  • Free email Marketing.
Special Rates
AFN members enjoy a wide variety of special rates from carriers, and airlines.
Real Exclusivity
AFN has very strict membership rules, No exclusivity per any country, thus creates a very effective and exceptional network of a very high quality nature.
Dedicated Customer Service
AFN Provide dedicated customer service to all its members allowing them to use the service more effectively and seamlessly.
AFN logo Usage
AFN members have the rights to use and display the AFN logo in their business and public communications to indicate their affiliation to AFN.
Financial Protection system
AFN has established a financial protection system that is applicable to all its members. Every AFN member is by default protected against insolvency and/or bankruptcy resulted from business cooperation with other members from day one of registration with AFN Financial Protection System.
AFN strict membership requirements draw the first line of defense as only the most reputable and creditworthy agents are accepted to the network.
Furthermore, AFN continues to monitor members’ performance, and promptly detects any signs of business related troubles, such as late payment of invoices issued by other members, etc…
AFN members are financially protected against insolvency and/or bankruptcy with an amount of up to USD 5,000 annually. We offer an extra service provided by Forwarders Debit Recovery Service (FDRS) in the 1st year of membership and is free to all members. The protection carried over by AFN in the following years, costs USD 500 per member yearly.
For the AFN Protection System Procedures guide, please click here.
Invoice Reporting System (IRS)
Credit lines and unpaid and ignored invoices are some of most important risks to face Freight Forwarders globally, and the number one concern in the AFN network. For this reason and to reduce risks to our members, AFN has created an Invoice Reporting System tailored to its members to facilitate monitoring payments between members via AFN website.

IRS is very easy to use and only takes few seconds to report an unpaid invoice, all you have to do is to enter some data and upload your invoice. AFN will then speak to the other member about the available options.