AFN offers exceptional membership benefits to ensure higher quality value added services to our members, therefore we exclusively accept memberships from reputable and highly experienced freight forwarders.

The below steps outline our membership selection and approval process:

Membership Selection process

Application submission:
Interested companies could apply for new membership using our easy to use online application form available at

Screening of Applicants:
After application submission, AFN team evaluates the membership application to ensure related freight forwarding and logistics field experience of at least two years, and also to check if the applicant company is black-listed with any financial protection system. The decision is then made of membership acceptance. The entire screening process takes less than one week.

Membership Notification:
When the membership application is approved, AFN will formally inform the applicant via email. AFN will grant website and network admission rights to the new member who will have exclusive rights to operate as an AFN member in his/her city and country. All current and existing members will be notified about the addition of new members via an email announcement.

Directory Listing:
After membership approval, a secured profile for the member is created in the AFN online directory that is exclusively accessible by AFN network members. This listing will include the member’s trading name, location and contact details.