In addition to the high admission standards for members, what makes AFN different is what we call “disciplined cooperation”. Every AFN member agrees to adhere and be bound by the following AFN rules, and has agreed to report any breaches of the said rules by other members to AFN head office.

Any member who fails to adhere to these rules may get expelled from the network and will be replaced by the next best-qualified applicant on the waiting list for that territory.

Membership Rules

AFN members are requested to be actively and equally cooperating together regarding international freight forwarding and logistics services to facilitate cargo movements worldwide.

Reporting Violations:
We are keen that every member gets the highest return of his membership in AFN. To achieve this, we expect all AFN members to be cooperative. In the unlikely case that you are faced with un-cooperative members of the AFN network, please report the behavior to AFN team for further investigation and action.

Operation Responsibilities:
Every member company will be fully responsible of its shipments including procedures, documentation, and any operational issues.

Performance Appraisal:
Member companies will be annually requested to provide AFN with their organization information, and performance indicators such as number of shipments, number of TEUs and/or kilos, shipment origins, destinations, commodities etc…

Language and Communications:
The only accepted language for the all formal communications made within or with AFN is the English language.

Payment Procedures:
Payments/accounts to other members or to AFN must be settled within 30 days from the date of invoice (unless otherwise agreed) or earlier in case of amount larger than USD 5,000.

Membership Regulations

AFN will remove & cancel the membership if any member violates these regulations, as there will be no exceptions;

As we are here to support each other’s business so we ask you kindly to put in mind the following even in WhatsApp group or Emails:
• Respect is a key and we all adhere to it.
• Please keep the group away from any posts or videos related to religion, politics, and sexual materials.
• Adhere to your country unless you got an exception.
• For feedback and complaint, please send private messages or mail.
• Mails in bulk can be sent only for marketing purposes.
• Only AFN have the right to announce any member as a blacklist after taking all the required actions