Membership to AFN provides unique and creative solutions to improve communications, increase productivity and explore different ways of approaching common business goals. Our goal is creating a new community of dynamic, strong and result-oriented freight forwarders.

AFN has, without question, the best “loyalty factor” of any of the freight forwarding networks available today. Some of the memberships benefits AFN members enjoy include:

What's in it for me?

Freight System Management
A free copy of one of the best software tools available for freight forwarders. Freight Management System enables freight forwarders to automate their business as it includes all types of forwarding operations and associated services. The system also enables the user to deal with import, export, FCL and LCL operations.
Special Rates
AFN members enjoy a wide variety of special rates from carriers, and airlines.
Instant Messaging
AFN members have the option to search the AFN member’s directory and instantly connect with other members using an instant messaging tool available to members.
Real Exclusively
AFN has very strict membership rules, with an average of 5 memberships per country to the network (with the exception of large countries). Thus creates a very effective and exclusive network of a very high quality nature.
Freight Market System “in development phase”
Access to AFN Freight Market System that once completed will help shippers, forwarders, and logistics asset owners to boost up their level of communication and operation efficiency. This online software automates the freight & logistics daily workload as it allows users to upload current shipping rates, and quotes to be accessible by other users directly.
Dedicated Customer Service
AFN Provide dedicated customer service to all its members allowing them to use the service more effectively and seamlessly.
AFN logo Usage
AFN members have the rights to use and display the AFN logo in their business and public communications to indicate their affiliation to AFN.
Financial Protection system
AFN has established a financial protection system that is applicable to all its members. Every AFN member is by default protected against bad debt resulted from business cooperation with other members from day one of registration.

AFN strict membership requirements draw the first line of defense as only the most reputable and creditworthy agents are accepted to the network.
Furthermore, AFN continues to monitor members’ performance, and promptly detects any signs of business related troubles, such as late payment of invoices issued by other members, etc…

AFN members are financially protected against insolvency and/or bankruptcy with an amount of up to USD 5,000 annually. The protection is provided by Forwarders Debit Recovery Service (FDRS) in the 1st year of membership and is free to all members. The protection is carried over by AFN in the following years and costs USD 500 per member yearly.

Protection system procedures
When a member experiences a late payment issue with another member, creditor must immediately notify AFN. AFN will communicate with the debtor member to investigate the issue.In the case of bankruptcy/insolvency, claims should be made within 15 days after receiving the notice of bankruptcy, and AFN would settle the claim after 60 days of insolvency notification.If the claim is not related to bankruptcy and insolvency, the debtor member will be informed about that issue and will be requested to take an acceptable action. 3 follow-up reminders will be made over the course of 30 days, before the member is black listed and the issue is escalated to FDRS (Forwarders Debt Recovery Services).
Claim Criteria
AFN does not cover cargo claims as a result of force majeure, vessel or carrier fault, cargo abandonment, misroute shipments, and/or deviated shipments due to government and location errors.
AFN coverage amount is non-refundable